B Impact Report

Baisikeli ApS

Bike shop, rental services and workshop
Certified Since: February, 2018
Location: Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

Baisikeli is a socio-economic company, with a purpose of developing the bicycle industry in Africa. They believe it pays off to invest in people, social solutions, and long-lasting, sustainable initiatives.

Business model: Baisikeli has been built around a business model that seeks to create an impact on multiple levels, and they consciously work with both the financial, social and green bottom-line.

Baisikeli wants to produce quality bicycles and create a retail chain characterized by high levels of service for all, in Africa for Africa. Today, many in Africa never get near a bicycle due to poverty and an underdeveloped bicycle industry.

They have seen it work: Baisikeli exists because we have seen what a bicycle can do for a person with their own eyes. They have seen the difference a bicycle makes for an African farmer’s family. The increased mobility raises the family’s possibilities and living standards. They have seen how a bicycle ambulance at a local medical clinic can secure necessary treatment for 20 surrounding villages. They have seen how bicycles provide access to education in remote cities.

Link - https://bcorporation.eu/directory/baisikeli-aps

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