Bike rental


6 hours 50 kr. 80 kr. 110 kr. 300 kr. 200 kr. 40 kr.
24 hours 80 kr. 110 kr. 140 kr. 450 kr. 300 kr. 40 kr.
add day 35 kr. 50 kr. 65 kr. 150 kr. 100 kr. 10 kr.
1 week 270 kr. 385 kr. 500 kr. 1350 kr. 900 kr. 100 kr.
add day 20 kr. 30 kr. 40 kr. 150 kr. 60 kr. 5 kr.
2 weeks 400 kr. 550 kr. 750 kr. 2200 kr. 1300 kr. 125 kr.
3 weeks 525 kr. 690 kr. 975 kr. 3100 kr. 1700 kr. 140 kr.
4 weeks 625 kr. 810 kr. 1150 kr. 4000 kr. 2100 kr. 155 kr.
2 months 900 kr. 1200 kr. 1700 kr. 6500 kr. 3100 kr. 250 kr.


Bike rental

You have just found the cheapest bicycle rental in Copenhagen! We have bikes for every purpose and budget.


Baisikeli is working to develop the bicycle industry in Africa. Bicycles are an important means of transport in poor areas, helping the local population to increase their income and to access education and medical assistance. Baisikeli are collecting bicycles in Denmark and sending them to Mozambique, where they are repaired and sold. The money from our bicycle store and rental is a carrying factor in collecting, packing and transporting bikes from Denmark to Mozambique. So far, we have sent more than 20,000 bikes to Africa. We are hereby supplying the local population with better bikes, whilst educating the next generation of bicycle mechanics in Mozambique.


Opening hours:

Due to the current coronavirus situation,

our opening hours are -

Monday - Friday : 10 - 18 o'clock

Saturday - Sunday : 10 - 16 o'clock

(Our bikes must be returned during our opening hours)


Summer (April - October):

Monday - Sunday: 10 - 18 o'clock


Winter (November - March):

Monday - Friday: 10 - 18 o'clock

Saturday & Sunday 10 - 16 o'clock

(Our bikes must be returned during our opening hours)


We are closed on the 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st of December as well as on the 1st of January.


Group bookings

We only make reservations for groups of 10 or more. Please email us on - Let us know how many bikes you need and what dates and times you wish to collect and return the bikes.

Types of bicycles


Lux bikes are the classic Copenhagen bike with upright riding position, built-in lights and basket. Some of our lux bikes have a child-seat fitted onto the back and these cost slightly more. Choosing a Lux bike, if you're going all out on comfort!


Standard bicycles are all relatively new bikes in great shape for everyday use. A standard bicycle is for you, if you're looking for a comfortable bicycle experience in Copenhagen.


The budget bikes are great for a trip on the bike, if you're not going TOO far. They are one-speed bikes similar to the standard bikes, but at a great price and fine for a bicycle trip around Copenhagen.


Touring bikes are for the longer trips of 100 kilometers or more and are designed for touring in and around Denmark. They come with multible gears suitable for flat and medium terrain, rack for pannier bags, bottle-holder, antipuncture tyres, disc brakes, a sturdy folding lock, pump and a mini repair kit. We have a limited amount of touring bikes with different frame-sizes, so we recommend you contact us via email to reserve one.

Family / Cargo

The family bikes are the typical Copenhagen cargo bike with three wheels in which an adult easily can transport two children or one adult around town. We offer Christiania-bikes which is the classic Copenhagen cargo bike. This bike comes with a bench and a seatbelt installed and rain-covers are available for rent. This is the real Copenhagen-expirience.

Family bike


At Baisikeli you can also rent helmets, lights and pannier bags. All of our bikes come with locks already equipped. Our standard and budget bikes do not come with lights fitted on, but you can rent a set of mini-lights in our rental shop or buy them at our sales shop.


Can I pay with card?
Yes, we accept card.

Do I need to pay a deposit when renting?
No, we don't take a deposit. However, we do need to take down some sort of picture-ID number, which could be a passport or drivers license. We also expect you to pay the entire amount when you're picking up your bike. Lastly we of course expect you to return your bike at the agreed time. If you would like to extend the time, then please come by our shop and extend before you run out of time.

What do I do if my rental bike gets a flat tyre or needs repair?
A flat tyre is annoying, but fortunately it happens very rarely, as our bikes are fitted with antipuncture tires. If you should be so unlucky, you will have to swing by our rental shop, and we'll give you another bike right away if possible. If you're not close to our rental, you can take the S-train where you can bring your bike for free to Dybbølsbro Station right next to our rental shop.

Can I buy my rental bike, if I really like it?
Usually we don't sell our rental bikes, but you can always ask or have a look at our large selection of both new and second hand bikes in our bicycle sales shop. You'll probably be able to find a bike similar to your rental bike here.



Can I make a reservation?
Yes, you can reserve bikes if you need 10 or more standard or lux bikes.. Please, send an email to and let us know when you need them, how many and what kind.

Can I reserve a budget bike?
No. We have a limited amount of budget bikes, and as a result of that we don't take reservations for those. It's first come first served in that regard.

Can I reserve a family/cargo bike?
You cannot reserve a family bike online, but we have a large number of family bikes in stock. If you come and all the family bikes are rented out, we are always helpful with information about when the next family bike is due back. Our cargo bikes are usually available when we open up shop and before we close up shop. We will however make a reservation, if you come by the shop and pay for the rental some time before you need it. We also have lux bikes with child-seats.

Can I reserve touring bikes?
Yes. We have touring bikes specifically for that. Please write us an e-mail with your dates, heights, gender, if you need pannier bags and we will find a bike that fits you.


Your safety

Is it safe to bike in Copenhagen?
Yes. Several thousand cyclists bike through the streets of Copenhagen daily, which makes everyone increasingly attentive of cyclists. Additionally, there are bike lanes all over town. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't look after yourself or others. Remember to always ride carefully in order to avoid incidents and fines. In Denmark it is required by law to have lights on the bike front and rear from sunset to sunrise. Please have lights on from sunset to sunrise, use the hand signs before stopping and turning and use the correct way (box turn) when making left turns in intersections.

How about on the countryside, is it safe to bike there too?
It is! In the danish countryside you will find lots of quiet roads with very little traffic. To bike on the danish countryside is a lovely, safe experience!

Do I need to wear a helmet?
It is not required by law to wear a helmet in Denmark. It is a good idea though, if you want to to take extra care of yourself. You can rent a helmet in our rental shop.

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